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  • Ross says:

    I have often considered the southern claims to ‘state’s rights’ as the cause of the Civil War, to be disingenious at best. More at cause were the Federally mandated import taxes (aiding northern industry) and erosion of Southern en bloc influence in politics (both regarding new states, and growing voting population in the North). When a President states that he will do whatever it takes to preserve the Union, down to denying manumission to some or all the slaves, that removes a lot of the Deep South’s wriggle room on the topic.

  • historian says:

    Agreed – as well I’ve argued before, and will argue again – the Southern states made no effort to attempt to exit the Union within the systems of the Constitution nor did they wait for action taken against them. Their secession declarations were all preventative actions.

  • Ross says:

    In: Re your latest posting: Chocolate for baking is different from chocolate for eating. Moreover, in 1902 (date of the advert), the actual process and percentages for adding milk to cocoa were not yet fully determined. An upset stomach from a particularly strong chocolate bar was not unheard of.

    Other than that, I’m marveling at a price of 2 cents for a frickin’ candy bar! How can they make a profit on that?!

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